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Southern Baptist Leader Says Suicide is “Murder” and “Sin”

Recently a controversy related to the Southern Baptist Convention erupted on Twitter regarding whether or not suicide is sin and murder. Some participants in the discussion were adamant that suicide is a sin and murder. Others insisted the aforementioned view is not only wrong, but harmful. For example, Susan Codone, a member of the Leadership Council at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, tweeted to those she believed may have been harmed by a pastor’s tweet claiming that “suicide is self-murder.”Codone’s comment is based on her belief that pastors should not counsel those dealing with suicide, that murder is not related to suicide, and that suicide is not murder.

Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, takes a significantly different view regarding suicide. In a video for The Gospel Coalition, Moore states a number of Christian theological principles prior to providing counsel to those he believes may be considering suicide:

Suicide is murder. Suicide is the attacking of the image of God. And suicide is horrible. Not only a sin, but also a sin that leaves wreckage and devastation all over the place.

You can watch the video below:




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