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How J. D. Greear Goes Wrong When Discussing Homosexuality (Part 1 of 5)

Pastor J. D. Greear currently serves as President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Greear recently wrote a blog post on his personal site titled, “Three Ways We Go Wrong When Discussing Homosexuality.” This CRVoices post is the first in a five-part series carefully examining Greear’s claims in his blog post.

Greear’s post is well-intentioned and certainly not completely wrong. We should rejoice that he takes a stand in clearly proclaiming, along with the word of God, that homosexuality is sin. However, Greear’s post is also unhelpful with regard to some points of theology on the topic of homosexuality. Given the necessity of biblical fidelity and compassionate ministry when it comes to the topic of homosexuality, these unhelpful aspects of Greear’s post are worth addressing.

In this first of five posts in this series, five potential objections to interacting with Greear’s post are anticipated and answered so as to clear the field for focusing on the substance of his post.

  1. Are we wrong to criticize a blog post written as a devotional?

Blog posts are public and devotionals can be wrong. Although Greear’s post is categorized as “devotional” at his site, the post is almost entirely theological in nature. Greear would agree, as he intends to teach the Church something through his post.

  1. Are we wrong to criticize J. D. Greear?

This post series is not intended to criticize J. D. Greear as a person, pastor, or even as President of the Southern Baptist Convention, though Greear should never be thought of as in a position where he is above criticism (as with anyone else). This series is written to offer clarification in terms of what we find as unhelpful aspects of Greear’s blog post on the topic of homosexuality. Indeed, given Greear’s claim that “we” have gone wrong on homosexuality, Greear should not object if someone critiques his post in turn.

  1. Are we wrong to focus on homosexuality?

The topic of homosexuality is prevalent in society, and hence demands a response of sorts from the Church. Society speaks to the topic, the Bible speaks to the topic, the Church speaks to the topic, and Greear speaks to the topic, so nothing short of special pleading would preclude us from speaking to the topic.

  1. Are we wrong to ‘nitpick’?

This series seeks to interact in a careful manner with Greear’s piece, which requires time and thought, with clarity in terms of commendation and concerns. Greear himself would agree, given the specificity with which he attempts to tease out the particulars of the topic at hand.

  1. Are we wrong to argue with other Christians where the world can see it?

Christians can set the example for how arguments should be carried out. Greear himself argues with other Christians in his post, seeking to correct where he believes they have gone wrong when discussing homosexuality, and he does so before a watching world.

We should be careful to say that the purpose of this site is not exclusive focus on significant figures in the SBC like J. D. Greear. Rather, given the open letter which appeared on this site in recent days, and Greear’s apparent doubling down on some troubling themes in his view of the sin of homosexuality, we hope this series will serve as a help rather than a hindrance to the work of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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